Smart choice of Pathologists - A one stop destination for all your requirement related to pathology laboratory reporting.

Application Highlights:

  1. Same test can be created at multiple rates

  2. Configurable reports

  3. Configurable receipts

  4. Authorization of report before printing (optional as per the lab requirement)

  5. Multiple patient search option

  6. Secured database

  7. Intelligent merging of reports

  8. Patient transaction graphics

  9. Configurable SMS/ WhatsApp and email

  10. DRM/ PRM (Doctor relation management and Patient relation Management)

  11. Hospital/ Doctor wise patient register and collection detail

  12. Technician incentives

  13. Kit Purchase reminder

  14. Auto deduction of kit stock

  15. Payment reminder

  16. Unlimited test group creation

  • The application is available in various versions : 1. Basic, 2. Basic with communication, 3. Communication + Multiple collection center, 4. Communication + Multiple collection center + Inventory

  • You can request a Demo Video of the product here.

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