A highly secured application for Credit Societies covering all functionalities of Banking Software

Application Features in Detail:

  1. Account head / group creation.

  2. Members creation

  3. Fixed deposit, Recurring deposit account creation

  4. Loan Entry

  5. Offices / Division creation

  6. Cash transaction

  7. Transfer transaction

  8. Regular member deduction entry

  9. Authorization of cash / transfer / regular member transaction

  10. Interest calculation

  11. Lien creation in case of Loan account

  12. SMS Alert on member transaction

  13. Integrated security features 

  14. Reports / MIS generation : Account Head wise member ledger / statement – selection of period and for a range of specified members, FD printing; Share Certificate printing, Cash scroll, Transfer scroll, Day book, Supplementary of Day Book, Trial Balance, General ledger, Abstract of GL (i.e. Balance Sheet), Profit and Loss statement, Member transaction details, Member deduction details, Head wise House Keeping, Provisional interest calculation / interest statement, Over due register, Member register, FD/RD due date diary, Guarantor register, Disbursement register

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