PathoSoft - Pathology Laboratory Reporting Software

  • About Application

    PATHOSOFT smartly manages patient record of a Pathology Laboratory. The entire application can be categorized in four groups :

    • Patient’s Entry at Reception
    • Test Results Entry
    • Reporting of Patient and other MIS reports
    • Test configuration, Report configuration, User creation and other Database utilities.

    This application fulfills all requirement related to reporting of a small to big pathology laboratory.


    • Maintains patient record as well as their test records.
    • A large built-in library of tests with reference range and interpretations.
    • Provides formulas in reporting wherever possible. It also provides drop-down selection of different possible results for a test wherever possible. It also provides test result entry validation wherever possible.
    • Maintains Unique ID of a patient for his/her periodic cumulative report (specifically for diabetic patient).
    • Configure report (Can add test in a report, add item in drop down list).
    • Configure invoice/receipt of the patient.
    • Configure test details – such as normal range, method by which it is carried out, instrument on which it is carried out, number of decimals required for the result (in case of numeric result of a test, etc.)
    • Merging of reports.
    • Mail report to patient and consultant doctor.
    • Daily/periodic receipt register
    • Daily/periodic hospital/doctor wise patient report and their commission report.
    • Except for the authorized person, none of the user can delete any report or modify charges details and also, cannot modify configuration module.
    • It provides database utilities by which user can backup records, restore database and delete specific/range of/periodic patient records – if required.
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