Borlen - Money Lender Software

  • About Application

    BorLen is the most user-friendly application and fulfills all of the requirements of Money Lenders. The application includesCustomer registration, Payment (Form No. 8), Receipt (Form No. 9), Capital Account transaction, Expenses, Stock Management such as, items taken from customers as mortgage. Its accomplishes most of the government statutory norms which include fort-nightly reports, Form 12, Form 8, Form 9 apart from other MIS reports and other queries.


    • Item Details – one time entry – helps user in selecting the item when lending money.
    • Make Payment with item details.
    • Receipt against payment – confirming item details.
    • Journal Entry, Bank transaction.
    • Account Ledger Report – with and without Form 12 stamp.
    • Day Book Report – Report for all transactions
    • Form No.12.
    • Reminder Notice Report
    • Yearly Account Statement of Customer.
    • Detail Transaction report showing All Pending, Partial and completed payments.
    • Pending Alert report Item valuation wise, return date wise.
    • Password Setting for Create. Modify/Delete, Display Record, Financial Year closing and End password.
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